Make Believe was created to bring magic into the lives of children and families, by creating a gift that hosts a memorable experience packaged in a box of personalized enchantment, to revive the magic in our day to day lives and experiences, especially with our children. We help you create memorable moments from holidays, the excitement of becoming a godmother / godfather / grandparent / new parent and even an appreciated teacher or employee.

There is nothing more thrilling than giving a gift and seeing the delight and appreciation of the person receiving it. This made us think, how can we make a moment even more exciting and memorable, and create a more involved and specialized product that will delight the recipient and draw them into the magical moment of giving and receiving? We have themed our packages around children’s belief in the wonders of Santa, Cupid, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and many more.

It was important for us to differentiate Make Believe in the market by not labelling our packages a “gift” or “hamper”. Instead, we believe each personalised package is designed to give the recipient a box of memories that will be cherished and an experience that will linger in fondly for years to come.

We also focus on the excitement of celebrating all holidays including Halloween and Christmas in July. All of our magical packages will be made available to view and ordered online and will be delivered directly to your door anywhere in South Africa.