Personal Pre-Christmas Package


Turn Christmas into a magical experience. Get a personalised letter from Santa, straight from the North Pole, a genuine “Nice List” certificate and a picture of Santa and Rudolph just before they set out on Christmas Eve. You will also receive special Christmas Eve items and instructions on what to do with your children before the big day.

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  • Personalised certificate from Santa
  • Letter from Santa addressed to your child
  • Santa and Rudolph autographed selfie with Rudolph’s bell
  • Santa’s favourite Christmas cookies from Mrs. Claus – One for you and one for Santa
  • Reindeer food – for Reindeer only, otherwise you might fly away into the night sky
  • Magical Santa key – no chimney, no fear, Santa’s magic key opens all doors
  • Candy stick – a red and white striped candy straight from the North Pole
  • Family activities to create magical memories – a range of 6 activities to enjoy
  • “Get Ready For Santa” to-do list – a list of all the preparation required for Santa’s arrival

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